Aplio a550 integrates industry-leading ultrasound imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls for the busy clinician. Designed to enhance workflow, productivity and throughput while maximizing clinical confidence, Aplio a550 is the ideal system for routine imaging departments. Its extensive selection of advanced applications meet a wide range of clinical needs.

Seeing the unseen
Experience color flow imaging with unmatched detail and definition on Aplio a550. Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) expands the range of visible blood flow to a level of detail never before seen with diagnostic ultrasound. Exclusive iSMI now also allows you to image larger regions of interest without a reduction in frame rate.

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Boost your clinical confidence

Aplio’s powerful ultrasound imaging technologies provides you with better image quality with reduced clutter, strengthen signal and improve visualization. The unique aBeam architecture ensures that all imaging technologies work together seamlessly for greater uniformity across applications.
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