One Intelligent Analytics Solution

Canon Medical’s comprehensive and easy-to-use solution enables dose management optimization, efficient sharing of scan protocols, and improved utilization of equipment.

Dose Management

Vina Analytics accurately records and tracks dose information, enabling easy and continuous dose management as one automatic, multi-modality, multi-vendor solution.

DRLs compliance

  • Benchmarking with DRLs (Diagnostic Reference Levels)
  • Dose distribution analysis with histogram charts
  • Data organization with protocol groupings
  • Export data as CSV

*DRLs are dose levels to aid optimization of diagnostic medical exposures. They are established by countries, local institutions, or related authorities.
Vina Analytics sets them as thresholds to see the trends of dose distribution.

Trend analysis

  • Observe dose trends over time
  • Staff and equipment analysis to recognize differences in dose reporting between operators, physicians, and devices
  • Informs when exceeding thresholds
  • Flexible reports

Patient history

  • Quick access to patient dose history
  • Intuitive UI to discover when and how much exposure the patient received
  • Continuous dose trend analysis speeds up the detection of abnormal exposure
  • Easy justification of selected exams

Protocol Management

Vina Analytics offers a comprehensive CT Protocol Management solution that delivers protocol review, comparison, approval, distribution, and revision history tracking for Canon CT scanners to enable a simplified and standardized approach to protocol management.

Protocol management for Canon CT scanners

  • Secure management through approval process
  • Easy tracking of protocol history
  • Quick access to dose information and utilization data
  • Protocol sharing through Canon CT

Comprehensive protocol analysis

  • Instantly review protocol utilization and dose information
  • Quickly check prior examinations
  • Easy comparison of modified protocols - before and after

Utilization Analysis

Vina Analytics analyzes protocol usage and visualizes equipment workload with easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret graphs that enable evidence-based resource management, optimized modality management and resource allocation.

Protocol utilization

  • Manage protocol usage
  • Better estimate the impact of protocol modification
  • Visualize the number of contrast / non-contrast exams

Workload analysis

  • Optimize modality usage and resource allocation
  • Visualize the equipment workload
  • Monitor and analyze the equipment utilization
  • Improve the productivity of modalities and staff through optimized operations

Increased operational benefits that empower workflow

Empower your dose management workflow
  • Multi-modality DICOM® RDSR support: including CT, XR, VL for dose management and utilization analysis.
  • Automatic data analysis - patient, staff, equipment and dose trends.
  • Secure, easily viewable web browser analytics solution, designed to analyze critical data across healthcare enterprise.

DICOM® is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its Standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information

Why Vina Analytics?

With growing demand for imaging examinations, minimizing radiation dose is a key priority in healthcare facilities in ensuring better patient safety. It has become so important that it is subject to regulations in many countries.

However, optimization requires skills and focus. As most healthcare facilities are encountering staff shortages, it is often difficult to allocate specialists to dose management.

One of the most important factors in achieving this is high-quality protocol management. This requires a deep understanding of both clinical and technical knowledge. Real-time utilization analysis has also become essential while analyzing protocol usage and visualizing equipment workload is helpful for fast, next-step planning to enhance overall capacity.
Vina Analytics unlocks the rich data generated by your imaging systems, delivering actionable insights that enable evidence-based management decisions and enhance patient safety.
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