Subtraction Viewer

The Subtraction Viewer (SCT Viewer) software package provides a workstation solution to review Subtraction CT (SCT) images processed from Canon CT Scanners. This allows for interactive simultaneous review of the SCT volumes and the associated multiphase volumes.
The SCT Viewer package inputs SCT data processed from a Canon CT scanner using any of the SCT options currently available including: Angio Brain, Angio Body, Iodine Mapping Lung, Iodine Mapping Body and Iodine Mapping Ortho.
The application has various default hanging layouts that have been optimized for each SCT input package. These layouts can also be further customized to the user’s preference.
The SCT viewer supports overlay and blended fusion for both gray scale and color fusion.
Additionally, fusion ratio and color thresholds can be interactively adjusted. 3D visualization is also supported with both SVR and Global Illumination available.
The application offers geometric and HU measurement tools, as well as a table to display ROI measurements.
Within the application it is possible to create batch multiplanar reformats of the displayed volumes, including fusion images in gray scale color or 3D.
In addition, the application can create CE boost volumes from any SCT input data.

Key Benefits

  • Simultaneous review and analysis of SCT data for a more confident diagnosis
  • Interactively adjust fusion ratio and color threshold
  • Multiplanar reformats with fusion overlay can be created directly from the application

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Note: Subtraction Viewer only supports Canon datasets. Subtraction Viewer is a viewer application that is intended for viewing subtraction CT images, but such subtraction processing is not part of this application.

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