Open Rib

The Open Rib application is image analysis software for chest CT images. The application offers a visualization of the unfolded rib cage that allows a physician to instantly view the full rib anatomy and should be used as an additional view in adjunct to conventional multiplanar reformat views. Open Rib offers geometric and HU measurement tools. In addition to standard CT projections, the Open Rib application can also display the unfolded rib view in both SVR and Global Illumination.

Key Benefits

  • Simultaneous representation of all ribs in a single plane view.
  • Visualization of calcified costochondral cartilage and soft tissue.
  • Read and report the Open Rib view directly from PACS with automatic processing.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.

“The Open Rib tool that allows us to see all of the ribs in only one slice and really quickly which detects all traumatic lesions, incidental tumoral lesions and any other stuff concerning the ribs.”

Dr. Romain Gillet
CHRU de Nancy

“Open Rib application makes you see every pathologic examination at a glance. You just see those unfolded ribs, see where there are fractures, dislocations or other pathology hiding and it makes you immediately understand what the patient problems are.”

Prof. Stefan Niehues, MD, MHBA
Deputy Clinic Director CBF and Chief Medical Officer
Charitē University Hospital

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