MR Ortho Expert

Vitrea Advanced Visualization software is a multi-modality system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments.

The MR Ortho Expert package, powered by Olea Medical, includes dedicated solutions for expert users who want access to the latest tools and applications for Orthopedic imaging.



The Relaxometry application measures relaxation times from MRI images, improves sensitivity and reduces subjectivity of visual evaluation, therefore enhancing investigation of tissue abnormalities.
With this plug-in, specialists can assess water distribution in the cartilage to better detect several articular abnormalities such as early osteoarthritis.
The plug-in also allows specialists to measure cartilage changes in athletes, often affected by premature aging and injury. The Relaxometry plug-in provides T2_map, computed from T2 mapping sequences (spin echo sequences with multiple echo times), offering T2.

Application Workflow

MSK Cartilage*

The MSK (musculoskeletal) Cartilage application workflow addresses the physicians’ needs for the imaging assessment of cartilage disorders. MSK combines Analysis and Relaxometry applications.

* Designed and manufactured by Olea Medical.

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