Functional MR (fMRI)

The Functional MR application, powered by Olea Medical®, is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization and is a seamless and intuitive brain mapping application to help assess critical areas and improve surgical planning.

Key Benefits

Fully Integrated Clinical Workflow
  • Compatibility with Neuronavigation systems
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simultaneous display of fibers and activation zones as well as zones of interest
Assessment of the Whole Region of Interest
  • Focus on specific regions to assess brain integrity
  • Highlight the potential results such as motion detection, laterality index and BOLD signal
Tensor Imaging
  • Compution of diffusion-derived maps
Key Features fMRI DTI
3D visualization
Laterality index
Automated co-registration
Motion correction
Advanced pre-processing
Compatible with neuronavigation systems
Bonferroni correction

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Note: Subtraction Viewer only supports Canon datasets. Subtraction Viewer is a viewer application that is intended for viewing subtraction CT images, but such subtraction processing is not part of this application.

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Metal artifact reduction strategies and sequences are designed to reduce susceptibility artifacts caused by the presence of metal in an MR imaging volume.

In MRI, most metallic implants cause artifacts which can interfere with the anatomy of interest in the image by causing distortion or signal loss, due primarily to strong magnetic susceptibility.

In patients with metallic implants, artifact reduction techniques are especially useful for reducing the interference of related artifacts thus facilitating a more confident diagnosis.

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