CT Respiratory Analysis


The CT Respiratory Analysis software package provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to analyze both 3D and 4D CT data sets to assess respiratory conditions. 3D data sets allow assessment of the area, diameter and volume of the trachea and airways. Also, lung volume and lung density can be measured, which can aid in the assessment of disease progression and treatment response. Using a 4D data set, changes within the airways over an entire breath cycle can be evaluated.

Key Benefits

3D airway assessment
  • Airway - Area, diameter, and volume
4D airway assessment
  • These three types of values can be displayed by graph to visualize the changes over multiple respiratory phases.
3D Lung density and volume assessment
  • Low attenuation area calculation
  • Low attenuation volume calculation
  • Right, left and total lung volume measurement

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