CT Myocardial Perfusion


CT Myocardial Perfusion* enables the visualization and analysis of perfusion deficits in the myocardium. Semi-automated segmentation and registration are available in a streamlined workflow.

Key Benefits

  • Semi-automatic chamber and myocardium segmentation
  • Qualitative measurements, including Myocardial Mass, Myocardial Volume and Hounsfield Unit (HU) attenuation
  • Polar map plots (contrast, transmural perfusion ratio, perfusion index) highlighting potential myocardium defects
  • Defect scoring tool provides users an alternative way to:
    • Determine size of hypo-dense regions
    • Calculate percent of affected myocardium

Myocardial Perfusion Page 2.jpg

*CT Myocardial Perfusion is a Vitrea Advanced Visualization application manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Always refer to the Instructions For Use supplied with the product for complete instructions, indications and cautions.

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