CT Multi-Chamber Cardiac Functional Analysis


CT Multi-Chamber CFA* utilizes CT images of the heart to assist cardiologists and radiologists in assessing cardiac function of the heart’s individual chambers. It allows for the visualization of a beating heart. CT Multi-Chamber CFA computes functional measurements, such as stroke index, stroke volume, ejection fraction and cardiac output.

Key Benefits

  • Semi-automatic segmentation of left atrium (LA), right ventricle (RV), left ventricle (LV) and myocardium, including identification of long axis and mitral valve boundaries across multiple phases
  • Automatic calculation of RV/LV End Diastolic Volume (EDV), End Systolic Volume (ESV), Stroke Volume (SV), Cardiac Output (CO), 3-point LA metrics, LV/RV regurgitation fraction, cardiac index and myocardial mass
  • Calculation of regional metrics including wall motion, percentage of wall-thickening, regional ejection fraction and polar plots
  • Key findings classification for consolidated reporting of cardiac workflows


*CT Multi-Chamber Cardiac Functional Analysis is a Vitrea Advanced Visualization application manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Always refer to the Instructions For Use supplied with the product for complete instructions, indications and cautions.

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