CT Lung Density Analysis

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CT Lung Density Analysis* software provides CT values for pulmonary tissue from CT thoracic datasets. Three dimensional (3D) segmentation of the left lung and right lung, volumetric analysis, density evaluations and reporting tools are integrated in a specific workflow to offer the physician quantitative support for diagnosis and follow-up evaluation of lung tissue images.

Key Benefits

  • Aids in characterization of areas of low attenuation within the lungs and provides quantifiable controls and renderings for communication with referring clinicians
  • Lung density result quantification with HU density range, volume measurements, lung density index and the PD 15% measurement
  • Improved image quality for noisy images with built-in denoising function

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*CT Lung Density Analysis is a Vitrea Advanced Visualization application manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Always refer to the Instructions For Use supplied with the product for complete instructions, indications and cautions.

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