CT Cardiac Analysis

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CT Cardiac Analysis enables physicians to determine the presence and extent of coronary obstructive disease by displaying the extracted anatomy in a variety of views. The interface and automated tools help to efficiently analyze the coronary arteries.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined coronary workflow with automatic extraction of the coronary arteries and optimized viewports such as volume rendering, MIP, MPR, curved and straightened MPR
  • SUREPlaque* tool assists clinicians in evaluating the characteristics inside blood vessels:
    • Quantify plaque burden and coronary remodeling non-invasively
    • Visualize coronary vessel anatomy and disease with ease using defined HU ranges
    • Characterize lesions in the vessel wall as either calcified or non-calcified
    • Perivascular CT Density* tool assists clinicians in evaluating the characteristics surrounding the blood vessels (perivascular wall or outer wall/surface):
      • Visualize different density regions around the vessel with ease using defined HU ranges
      • Quantify and export different metrics along with visualization of the density regions
  • Full Vessel Probe capabilities for coronary artery analysis including the Lesion Tool, Vessel Walk, and Cath View
  • Key findings classification for consolidated reporting of cardiac workflows

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* SUREPlaque and Perivascular CT Density are separately licensable options.
Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.

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