Urology solution

Advanced imaging, precise navigation

Canon ultrasound systems offer precise imaging with high resolution and detail, combined with fast and accurate image-guided interventional solutions for a wide range of genitourinary examinations. A host of advanced tools, such as elastography or contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), can help you further increase clinical confidence in the detection and characterization of pathological findings.

Urogenital imaging and intervention

Optimal results for every clinical need

Ultrasound imaging has become an established standard in modern urological practice and is an integral part of prostate imaging and diagnostics. Aplio offers precise assessment with high resolution and detail, combined with fast and accurate image-guided interventional solutions for the full spectrum of urogenital examinations.

Transperineal MR guided fusion biopsy

An all-in-one solution with high workflow efficiency

Canon ultrasound systems enable transperineal MR fusion biopsy with high workflow efficiency. With high image quality and automated prostate segmentation, you can take advantage of precise local anesthesia, accurate targeting, and integrated reporting including 3D biopsy core mapping directly on the ultrasound system.

Comprehensive imaging capability for deeper clinical insights

Canon ultrasound systems are designed as powerful multi-purpose platforms that can perform well beyond your routine tasks with consistently high image quality and efficiency. Advanced solutions can help further increase your diagnostic confidence in detecting and characterizing pathological findings.


Make your work flow with ergonomics that excel

Canon ultrasound systems are designed to make your imaging task simple and quick while allowing you to scan in a comfortable, patient-engaging position. The systems provide a host of intelligent workflow support and automation tools, helping you to achieve rapid results with consistent high quality regardless of the patient’s condition.
Apr 2018

Clinical value of multi-parametric ultrasound and MRI/US fusion-guided biopsy for prostate cancer detection and visualization

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Canon product range is designed to meet the daily demands from small, mobile clinic machines to university hosptial systems with research needs. In this section you can review each individual product and see the technology that makes a difference, every day.

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