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Seeing the Unseen with Superb Micro-vascular Imaging(SMI)

Canon Medical Systems' innovative SMI technology expands the range of visible blood flow and provides visualization of low velocity microvascular flow unseen before with ultrasound. SMI’s level of vascular visualization, combined with high frame rates, advances diagnostic confidence when evaluating lesions, cysts and tumors, improving patient outcomes and experience.

Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI)

Crohn's disease (data courtesy of Dr. Jiro Hata, Kawasaki Medical School)

The principle behind SMI

Traditional color Doppler imaging (left) removes clutter from the images by suppressing low velocity components, resulting in a loss of flow in tiny vessels. SMI (left) separates flow from overlaying tissue motion effectively, while preserving even the subtlest low-flow components with unmatched detail and definition.

Monochrome mode (mSMI)

By removing anatomical background information, the monochrome mode reveals the finest vasculature with high sensitivity.

Color mode (cSMI)

Color-coded SMI demonstrates flow and greyscale information with high temporal and spatial resolution simultaneously.

View the lecture by Prof. J. Hata: Seeing the Unseen.

View the lecture

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