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Our goal is to facilitate the transfer of elite-level health, injury, and rehabilitation learnings to routine clinical practice. Leveraging this knowledge, in combination with the use of readily available imaging technology, clinical skills and experience, Canon Medical Systems and our partners develop knowledge and techniques allowing healthcare professionals to support sport enthusiasts to maximize their sporting enjoyment, whether amateur or professional, young or mature.

Shared values

Rugby teaches teamwork and develops the ability for mutual respect between athletes, understanding, and cooperation. Without these elements, it is not possible to achieve the collective success that underpins the sport. Good rugby is all about making quick decisions, using initiative, and interacting with people.

Solidarity By working together and supporting each other, hospital staff can create a culture of collaboration and teamwork that will enable them to tackle complex problems such as rising costs and staff shortages.
Tenacity Leveraging the determination to never give up inspires our audiences in navigating challenging times. Helping overcome financial challenges such as rising costs or physician burnout.
Passion By encouraging staff to pursue their passions and interests, hospital management can also reduce the risk of physician burnout and improve staff satisfaction.
Discipline By maintaining a culture of discipline and accountability, hospital management can also create a workplace that is free from distractions and unproductive behavior, allowing staff to focus on providing the best possible care.
Integrity With a commitment to honesty, ethical behavior, and treating each other with respect and empathy, hospital management can create a positive and supportive work environment that fosters collaboration and encourages open communication.

Parallels with healthcare

The parallels of these values within the healthcare environment are undeniable and provide lessons we can all learn from.
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Message from the CEO

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The Rugby World Cup 2023 provides an opportunity to explore new approaches in sports medicine, life and business.  

As the global healthcare landscape continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, embracing the spirit of rugby brings us the chance to integrate some of the same approaches in overcoming challenges of this fast-moving environment.

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Management in Motion : Exploring the dynamic synergies between hospital management and elite level sports teams

In this roundtable we explore the synergies between high-performing sports teams and healthcare teams, shedding light on the instrumental role that strong values play in driving success. Esteemed participants include Sir Clive Woodward, renowned for his leadership in coaching and sports management, and Professor Fiona J. Gilbert, a distinguished figure in the field of radiology. The event will be moderated by Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita, a visionary known for his insights into team dynamics and innovation. This unique event aims to unravel the shared principles underpinning success and extract valuable cross-disciplinary lessons for fostering excellence within teams. Whether on the field or in medical facilities, the power of cohesive values in elevating team achievements will be at the heart of the discussion.

  • Moderator: Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita
  • RoundTable discussion by Sir Clive Woodward and Prof. Fiona J Gilbert
  • Live Q&A
Learning Objectives
  • Understand how embracing values can elevate the performance of a team
  • Learn how fostering a team culture of strong values can be a competitive advantage
  • Learn how embracing values can result in growth, even in the face of failure or setbacks
Certificate*: All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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Speaker: Sir Clive Woodward
Rugby World Cup winning coach - Former England head coach
Team GB director of sports
Sports and business consultant
Speaker: Prof. Fiona J Gilbert
Professor of Radiology – University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.
Honorary Consultant Radiologist – Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.
University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Moderator: Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita
Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Ohio State University
Chairman of Canon Healthcare USA
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