AI Webinar
Real-world applications of AI

AI Live Webinar | November 22; 2022 | 7 pm (CET) / 1 pm (EST)

Real-World Applications of AI

Early Clinical Experience in Acute Chest Pain CT, Cardiac CTA, and MR Body Imaging

AI enhanced applications have become prevalent in medical imaging in recent years. Canon Medical continues to lead the way with new techniques, utilizing deep learning reconstruction (DLR). In this webinar, renowned physicians relate their real-world experience and present cases and applications from their practices, with a particular focus on Precise IQ Engine (PIQE), a new technology that enables super high resolution through intelligent image enhancement. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the presenters live questions at the end of the webinar.
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  • Strength and Limitations of AI-based CT processing, where are we now? - Prof. Stefan Niehues
  • Super Resolution DLR in Coronary CTA: Advancing Precision Diagnosis with PIQE - Prof. Mickaël Ohana
  • Ongoing Revolution in Body MR Imaging with AI - Dr. Benoit Sauer
  • Q&A moderated by Prof. Stefan M. Niehues
Learning objectives
  • Understand latest applications of commercially available artificial intelligence-based solutions in medical imaging.
  • Learn about limitations, pitfalls, and possible errors in the application of AI-based solutions.
  • Understand principles of Super Resolution DLR and how it can be implemented in a clinical workflow.
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Moderator & Speaker: Prof. Stefan M. Niehues, MD, MHBA
Radiologist, Deputy Director, and Senior Physician
Campus Benjamin Franklin at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Berlin, Germany

The focus of Prof. Niehues as Deputy Clinic Director is on the management, organization, and continuing development of the field of radiology at the Benjamin Franklin campus of the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. In addition, he is responsible for Computed Tomography and interventions, staff, teaching, cardiovascular imaging, and oncological studies.

Presentation Title: Strength and Limitations of AI-Based CT Processing, Where are We Now?
Artificial intelligence-based solutions have made the leap from pure research to clinical application. More and more solutions are available and offer immediate support for physicians. This lecture exemplifies the use of artificial intelligence for emergency situations in computed tomography and demonstrates useful fields of application and their limitations.

Speaker: Prof. Mickaël Ohana, MD, PhD
Consultant Radiologist
Strasbourg University Hospital
Strasbourg, France

Prof. Ohana is a Professor of Radiology at the Strasbourg University Hospital (France) who specializes in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging and chest imaging.

Presentation Title: Super Resolution DLR in Coronary CTA: Advancing Precision Diagnosis with PIQE
This presentation will discuss how patients with coronary artery disease can benefit from using the super resolution deep learning reconstruction technique, PIQE. PIQE provides clinicians with the possibility for higher diagnostic confidence and clarity as compared to conventional image reconstruction approaches when it comes to visualizing small arteries, plaques, and fine cardiac structures. It will be demonstrated how PIQE has the potential to assist clinicians in coronary atherosclerosis patients' cardiovascular risk stratification. Professor Ohana will share his experience with Super Resolution DLR in cardiac imaging, showing potential interests, caveats and future developments.

Speaker: Dr. Benoît Sauer, MD
Groupe d'imagerie médicale - MIM, Clinique Sainte Anne
Strasbourg, France

Dr. Benoît Sauer is Radiologist at the imaging department at Sainte-Anne Clinic, Strasbourg. He is specialized in Oncology and involved in the Oncolia association that includes almost all private oncologists, radiotherapists, and surgeons in the region. He also participates in the multidisciplinary decision meetings in this field. His work is oriented towards the collaboration with clinicians to optimize the treatment of oncology patients.

Presentation Title: Ongoing Revolution in Body MR Imaging with AI
MRI has become the gold standard for liver pathology assessment. Without radiation and sometimes even without contrast media injection, this modality allows differentiation between benign and malignant nodules and at the same time allows evaluation of surrounding organs. Patient comfort, optimisation of sequences and improvement of image quality using new artificial intelligence technologies are a key point especially in altered conditions such as with elderly or fragile patients. This then leads to a better diagnosis and permits appropriate personalized treatment. MRI is used both in characterization of lesions as well as for follow-up. In this presentation early experience in the revolution of super-high resolution PIQE for MR is demonstrated and practical applications for Body imaging are discussed.

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