Delivering meaningful innovation is driving us ever forward in MRI and this has placed Canon at the leading edge of articial Intelligence, enabling intelligent solutions in all aspects of the diagnostic pathway.

We look forward to introducing our latest developments at ISMRM 2024, demonstrating Altivity boosted innovations like Precise IQ Engine (PIQE) that enhances high-resolution imaging and Iterative Motion Correction (IMC).

Please join us for our Gold Symposium on May 7 to learn more or visit us at booth EO2 to talk to a Canon representative.

Explore our integrated MRI solutions at ISMRM 2024

Magnetic Resonance

Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition

Advanced Intelligence, supreme productivity

Vantage Galan 3T delivers superb MR performance every day for exceptional patient and staff experience.
Real-time Platform integrates system components including new magnet, gradient coil and RF technology, and realizes optimized MRI performance.
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Deep Learning Reconstruction for MRI

Deep Learning technology helps deliver clear, sharp and distinct images. Acquiring high-resolution images traditionally required long scan time. However, with PIQE, high-resolution images are obtained with the same scan time as conventional scans.
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Shape Coil

Reach a new comfort zone with the Shape Coil

Canon’s Shape Coil offers a versatile and flexible coil option that provides new configuration choices for different body shapes and difficult anatomy and helps improve the patient experience.

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Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Collaboration of cutting-edge technology and high-definition images

Vitrea Advanced Visualization provides comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments for the latest MR clinical solution.
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AI Scientific Evidence - Scientific publication highlights and references

Global Visions Magazine MR PIQE

We understand the importance of providing you with evidence-based solutions and are pleased to provide you with this overview of the scientific evidence on our MR AI solution.

Read VISIONS MRI Global Edition PIQE Special

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