Future of Radiology
Made Possible

Time zone 1: Thursday, November 9 | 7 pm (CET) / 1 pm (EST)
Time zone 2: Tuesday, November 14 | 5 pm (SGT) / 8 pm (AEST)

Future of Radiology Made Possible

Please join us in this exciting webinar with Dr. Martin Willemink,  Prof. Marco Essig and Prof. Mathias Prokop. Healthcare is rapidly evolving with the continuous development in technologies and constantly changing environment. The speakers will be discussing latest trends and sharing their perspective on the future of Radiology. This webinar will enable you to learn more about the current changes in the healthcare industry and help you get ready for what’s to come. There will be a Q&A session after the presentations for you to exchange your thoughts with the experts.

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  • [Presentation 1] Challenges & Opportunities in the Current Radiology Environment, and During the Move to Integrated Diagnostics - Prof. Marco Essig
  • [Presentation 2] Radiology at a Crossroad: How Technologic Advancement Changes the Role of Radiologists - Prof. Mathias Prokop
  • Live Q&A

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the changes and trends in the healthcare industry and their impact on daily clinical practices and management of radiology departments
  • Obtain insight from leading industry and academic experts on their views regarding the future of radiology
  • Learn more about the latest technologies and how they could impact patient care
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Moderator: Dr. Martin Willemink
Co-founder and CEO at Segmed, Jr. Deputy Editor at European Radiology, United States

Dr. Willemink is a physician, epidemiologist, biomedical engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur who focuses on optimizing healthcare by translating clinical needs into technical solutions. He is co-founder and CEO at Segmed, the fastest-growing self-serve platform for diverse, high-quality, de-identified medical imaging data. Martin is also Jr. Deputy Editor at European Radiology and previously led the clinical cardiovascular imaging research at Stanford’s Radiology Department. He published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, is a Fulbright laureate, and received funding from the American Heart Association, Philips Healthcare, Stanford University, and more. His work has amongst others been recognized with awards from RSNA, ESR, STR, and ESTI.

Speaker: Prof. Marco Essig

Professor of Radiology and Chair of the Radiology Department University of Manitoba, Canada

Prof. Marco Essig is a professor of radiology and the chair of the Radiology department at the University of Manitoba. He began his medical education at the University of Heidelberg Medical School and obtained his MD and PhD in Neurological Sciences from the same institution. His research has focused on multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, stroke imaging, and traumatic brain injury. He has developed and assessed modern imaging tools and initiated and finalized multi-site and national comparative studies to prove their validity. He is a member of several professional organizations and committees, and he has served as a deputy editor for neuroimaging at the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Canadian Association of Radiology Journal.

Presentation title
Challenges & Opportunities in the Current Radiology Environment, and During the Move to Integrated Diagnostics

Abstract presentation
In the rapidly evolving landscape of radiology, Prof. Essig presents a compelling exploration of the challenges and opportunities that practitioners face in the current radiology environment. As the field transitions towards integrated diagnostics, this presentation offers valuable insights into the transformative journey ahead. Join us for a dynamic discussion on the future of radiology, led by an expert at the forefront of innovation.
Speaker: Prof. Mathias Prokop
Professor of Radiology and Chairman of the Department of Medical Imaging at the Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Prof. Mathias Prokop is Professor of Radiology and Chairman of the Department of Medical Imaging at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His department in Nijmegen focusses on impactful innovations in care and now hosts one of the largest research groups in Europe. His goal is to build a blueprint for healthcare in which work remains fulfilling, but care remains affordable. During his time as president of Dutch Society of Radiology, he initiated a strategic re-orientation of Radiology away from pure reporting to a better position within future healthcare environments. He considers meaningful use of AI and scanner technology as necessary enabling factors in this process.

Presentation title
Radiology at a Crossroad: How Technologic Advancement Changes the Role of Radiologists

Abstract presentation
Advancements in technology are transforming the role of radiologists, placing us at a crossroad. The rapidly expanding role of AI opens up new opportunities for radiology but may also place part of the image interpretation process in the hands of clinicians, reducing the role for radiologists. It is therefore time to reassess the role of radiologists and develop a blueprint for sustainable care in which the diagnostic process and minimally invasive treatment are taking a more prominent role. This presentation explores how technology can strengthen the position of radiologists in the diagnostic process, making them essential for directing treatment and avoiding unnecessary care. While advancements in scanner technology are starting to plateau, advancements in AI are staggering, allowing for increasing automation of the scanning process, optimization of image acquisition and reconstruction, better quantification and functional analysis. AI to support image interpretation has moved to center stage. However, the focus needs to shift from incrementally better diagnoses with AI to ways to reduce radiologist’s reporting workload so that they can explore new roles that will add value and keep their work sustainable. This presentation will discuss the profound impact of technology and what radiologists can do to exploit it to secure their own future while providing better care for their patients.


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