SDGs and our commitment


Goal 3 : Good health and well-being

We work hard to create a safe and comfortable work environment, and to maintain and improve our employees' mental and physical health.

Goal 17 : Goals-based collaboration

We work to establish a healthy organization that fulfills the expectations of our various stakeholders.

We have a sound and transparent business management system that aligns
with the principles of the Canon Group and Canon Medical Systems.

Concept and system

We promote risk and compliance management policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, social and ethical norms, and internal rules that promote fair business activities throughout our global operation.
Currently, we provide continuous education for all employees (e-learning and compliance education concerning specific laws), working to create an organizational climate that focuses on compliance (periodic meetings on compliance topics at each workplace), and making every effort to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
To ensure compliance with laws and regulations throughout the entire business operation of the Canon Medical Systems Group, we are also conducting surveys of our overseas subsidiaries. According to the results of the survey for FY2019, we can confirm that all our subsidiaries are conducting their business activities in accordance with laws and regulations.
Moving forward, we will conduct surveys on CSR procurement at production sites in and outside of Japan as well as at overseas distributors in order to encourage the entire supply chain to implement CSR-oriented efforts with an emphasis on compliance, respect for humanity, the environment, and safety and security.

In order to promote healthcare innovation and respond to evolving medical needs,
Canon Medical Systems provides various education programs to all employees.

TOPICS: Employee education (Netherlands)

Fysicon* has a clear mission to create medical solutions that empower healthcare professionals to treat their patients faster and more cost effectively. In 2019, the Fysicon Academy was established to facilitate a better understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals among our employees, including sales, development, RA, QA, finance, and HR.
As part of this, external healthcare professionals, including physicians, technical nurses, and consultants were invited to give lectures on anatomy, physiology, pathology, and diagnostics, as well as the role of our systems and devices in their work.
In addition to improving our quality management system, we will continue to enhance our employees' level of understanding of the medical aspects of our systems and raise awareness of product quality and requisite regulations in order to enable our employees to provide better services to our customers.

* Consolidated subsidiary of Canon Medical Systems
Activities: Development, manufacturing, and sales of cardiac function analysis test systems and medical information management applications

Promoting occupational health and safety

Educating employees about occupational health and safety

We continue to provide ongoing education and training in order to ensure the safety and health of individual employees. As part of this, we provide a wide range of training programs for specific objectives and targets to motivate individual employees to be involved in achieving occupational health and safety.
ObjectivesProgramsTargetsNumber of participants
Preparation for health and safety risksLecture on AED/first aidEmployees at our headquarters179
Delivery of information on OHSAS*1 18001 to all employees and general education on relevant issuesEmployees at our headquarters2,620
Occupational safetySpecial training for electriciansEmployees engaged
in specific tasks
Prevention of health hazards associated with VDT work*2All employees4,960
Health managementTraining on mental health and self-careEmployees
at our headquarters
Lecture on mental healthManagers420
Mental health educationAll employees4,960
Health education by age groupEmployees
aged 35, 45 and 55
Preparation for disaster risksComprehensive emergency drillEmployees
at our headquarters

*1 OHSAS: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, the international standards on occupational safety and health management
*2 VDT work: Work using visual display terminals (VDTs) with a display screen, such as personal computers and monitors

We promote educational and enlightenment activities to ensure our organization is one that enables people from diverse backgrounds to work together successfully.

Respect for human rights

The basic policies of the Canon Medical Systems include respect for human rights, the elimination of discriminatory treatment, and observance of laws and regulations. In our Standards of Conduct, it is specified that diversity of values and privacy should be respected, and that discriminatory behavior concerning race, religion, sex, nationality, mental or physical disability, age, or sexual orientation, as well as behavior that’s detrimental to human rights, such as violence, sexual harassment, or power harassment, should be eliminated.

Efforts to address issues related to conflict minerals

Tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Africa and its surrounding countries are widely distributed through global supply chains and used for many industrial products. These minerals are called conflict minerals, because some of them are claimed to provide a source of funding for local armed groups involved in human rights violations, environmental destruction and illegal mining. The U.S. conflict minerals regulations, which were established and implemented in January 2013, require publicly listed companies in the U.S. to investigate whether conflict minerals that finance armed groups are used in their products and report the results.
As a member of the Canon Group, we undertake an annual investigation to gather the necessary information to prepare a Conflict Minerals Report, which is submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Canon. Based on the investigation, we summarize our efforts in addressing conflict minerals issues. In cooperation with our business partners, we will continue our efforts to avoid the use of conflict minerals that benefit armed groups so that customers can use our products with peace of mind.

Quality assurance

Basic policy

Respect for human life is at the heart of everything we do. In addition to our obligation to strictly obey all laws and statutes that affect company operations, we strive to contribute to society by putting our customers first and providing safe, high-quality products with advanced features that earn customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Basis for business activities

  1. We adopt the customer's point of view in our quality assurance efforts.
  2. We respect the rights of customers and third parties, while observing relevant laws and contracts.
  3. We encourage all divisions and personnel to participate in the company’s efforts to improve the quality of our products and our business activities related to those products.
  4. We establish, continually improve, and maintain a quality management system in compliance with global standards.
  5. We pursue the inherent improvement of our products by concentrating on underlying causes and issues.

Issued: January 4, 2018

Swift response to product safety incidents

We have established a robust quality management system to ensure that any employee who becomes aware of an accident or problem involving a Canon Medical Systems product can alert the quality management department immediately.
Based on the information reported by an employee, the CPL Committee* will quickly determine how to act upon the matter. In the event of an accident attributable to a product that is likely to recur, we immediately inform customers of the danger, promptly report to the competent authorities, and implement countermeasures as soon as possible.
Information concerning a Canon Medical Systems product accident and countermeasures will be disclosed on the website of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) as well as on our own website.

* CPL Committee: CPL is an abbreviation combining CL (contractual liability) and PL (product liability). The CPL Committee, chaired by the Chief Quality Executive, promptly determines measures to deal with product accidents and quality issues.

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