Service with quality and craftsmanship

We are committed to service as a long-term partnership and aim to be right by your side and on-hand throughout the lifetime of your imaging equipment. Alongside its high-quality, advanced products, Canon Medical provides a comprehensive service and advice offer.
Our global service network can ensure servicing and validation of  your imaging equipment and its software on a regular basis, with minimal disruption to your existing systems and daily operations.

Award-winning services

Our service solutions have been recognized as industry-leading and recognized for going above and beyond to support our customers. We have received many prestigious service awards worldwide for providing exceptional support to our customers across all modalities.

One of our subsidiaries, Canon Medical System USA, Inc. has earned top awards for CT, MR and XR service according to data gathered during IMV’s 2020 and 2021 ServiceTrak customer surveys. The award in each category is given to imaging system vendors that receive the highest percentage of highly satisfied customer responses.

According to IMV, overall OEM service performance is heavily impacted by attitude of service engineer and meeting system uptime expectations. We appreciate our customers loyalty and continued confidence in our ability to offer tools and system uptime to help them best serve their patients.

*The IMV Award is the result of an assessment of satisfaction with the service provided by diagnostic imaging equipment, based on a survey of professionals in hospital departments and independent diagnostic imaging centers in the USA.

Always close-by

Our services are delivered through well-established and highly dynamic global, regional, national, and local networks of highly skilled staff and custom-built facilities. Canon Medical Systems provide services to more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. As we are ‘just around the corner’, we can work with you to identify and resolve issues and risks quickly and efficiently. Our service network is always close-at-hand.

Flexible and innovative solutions

Canon Medical’s Service Solutions has emerged as a partner that can provide excellent support for customers to meet peaks in demand, extend capacity for a longer period, cover a period of planned downtime, enhance safety, or provide rapid-deployment solutions.

We only ever restore and refurbish equipment that has been well maintained and has a consistently documented service history. All refurbished systems are restored and improved according to the highest industry standards, including the standards laid down by the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) Good Refurbishment Practices for Medical Imaging Equipment. The process of refurbishment is quality controlled and certified according to ISO 13485:2003, an industry first. The systems are delivered with one-year full warranty, the latest applicable software upgrades, and can be configured to customers wishes.

Service Policy

Elements of excellent service

Canon Medical Systems offer a full range of service agreements ranging from maintenance contracts for individual machines to full-service agreements and Managed Equipment Services for your entire facility. Each of our service plans is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Planned maintenance
Regular scheduled maintenance extends the lifetime of your equipment, maximizes uptime and performance, and reduces the risks of issues developing.

Improving product performance through upgrades is an important process.

Personal support
You receive personal support from our service engineers, who know all about your site and its equipment in-depth, and they know you, your team, and its needs.

We can assist you in meeting all stringent regulatory compliance guidelines.

Certified parts
We use only authentic, original parts in servicing.

Our highly experienced engineers and technicians can train you to use every feature of your system, including its software and applications through hands-on experience. And you can access a variety of additional training resources.
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