It's Here in A Whole New Lightweight
Compact Form with Easy Operation
as the Number 1 Feature.

1. Smooth contours

The front of the compact C-arm is rounded, facilitating access to the operating table.

2. Perfectly balanced C-arm without cables

The C-arm sliding section has no exposed cables, making it easy to keep the system clean.

3. Wide clearance

The wide C-arm opening of 72 cm and slim X-ray generator width of 12 cm maximize access to the patient during surgery.

4. 8-frame image memory function provided in the standard configuration

The 8-frame image memory function and LIH (Last Image Hold) function are provided in the standard configuration. These functions allow fluoroscopy to be stopped after the necessary images are acquired and stored in the memory, and allow these images to be viewed while fluoroscopy is stopped, reducing the X-ray dose to the patient.

5. Low-dose pulsed fluoroscopy function and low-dose fluoroscopy function

Pulsed fluoroscopy is available in four modes and can reduce the dose by up to approximately 95%.
A low-dose mode is available for continuous fluoroscopy. This mode provides high-quality fluoroscopic images while reducing the dose by approximately 30%, even for children and slim patients.

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