A next-generation mammography
units is introduced.


For the comfort the examinee.
For the early detection and effective treatment of breast cancer.
For women, and from a feminine perspective.
A next-generation mammography units is introduced.

Features for examinees

What features are required in mammography systems to make examinations more comfortable? MGU-1000A has been developed by a team of women engineers to provide a solution based on this theme.
Smoothing appearance
The smooth contours and pearl-white finish of the C-arm stand create a sense of safety and cleanliness and help the examinee feel relaxed and secure.
Comfortable tactile sensation
For the surfaces that may come in contact with the examinee, special materials and smooth contours have been employed to reduce the feeling of mechanical coldness and hardness. The C-arm stand has been designed with space for the examinee to comfortably place an arm and be more relaxed during the examination.
Minimized pain during compression
Canon Medical Systems' unique compression system, which minimizes examinee pain, has been employed. The flexible compression plate applies pressure uniformly. In addition, the compression speed varies according to the compression pressure. The operator can observe the examinee closely and stop compression precisely when the breast is stretched sufficiently, minimizing pain.

Features for operators

MGU-1000A is designed so that the operator can perform easy and accurate positioning. Examinees and operators have been taken into full consideration in the development of this system.
Easy positioning
The large SID of 700 mm gives the operator sufficient space to perform positioning. The switches for C-arm vertical movement and rotation have different shapes, and are laid out so that the operator can identify them by touch, without having to look at them.
Compression plate for small breasts
For small breasts, it is sometimes difficult to pull out the hand holding the breast once the breast is compressed. This compression plate allows easy positioning of small breasts.
Easy-to-view display panels (optional)
Display panels are provided on the position panel of the C-arm and at the base of the C-arm stand, making it easy for the operator to monitor information, such as the compression thickness and C-arm rotation angle, during the examination.

Excellent image quality

The automatic exposure control (AEC) function, which is important for both screen/film systems and CR systems, has been further improved in this model.

The size of the AEC X-ray detection field can be switched (Large/Small)
In mammography of small breasts, the X-ray detection area outside the breasts receives X-rays directly, resulting in nonoptimum image density. In such cases, the size of the X-ray detection field can be switched to Small to obtain the optimum image density.
The X-ray detection field can be set to ten different positions
The X-ray detection field can be shifted in the lateral and longitudinal (chest wall-to-nipple) directions, ensuring that all parts of the breast can be imaged.