A system tailored to your business needs

Cartesion Prime offers the ability to site a digital PET-CT scanner in smaller rooms and with air-cooling technology. Both of these design choices can help alleviate some of the challenges found with other PET system designs that require larger spaces and water cooling to run the scanner.

Compact room design

At just 22.4 m2, Cartesion Prime is a space-efficient digital PET-CT system that fits in a smaller installation space and gives you more room to work in.

Air-cooling technology

Choosing air-cooling allows for more opportunities to fit a digital PET-CT into existing spaces. This provides flexibility to manage your investment by not having to support costly room renovations or the added complexity for new construction when water cooling is required.

More opportunity with the Aquilion Prime SP CT

Cartesion Prime leverages Canon Medical’s high-end Aquilion Prime SP CT to combine the most advanced technologies in PET with the premium features in CT that come standard with every scanner.

From fast patient throughput to robust cardiac scanning and new diagnostic capabilities, the Aquilion Prime SP is the CT system of choice for all your imaging needs.

Plus, with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine, our leading-edge AI-assisted image reconstruction technology built in, this powerful PET and CT duo can help you expand your clinical capabilities, enhance your productivity, and better capitalize on your investment.

Our premium Aquilion Prime SP CT features:

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) AiCE uses Deep Learning technology to match the spatial resolution and low-noise properties of advanced model-based iterative reconstructions.

Advanced hardware. Get PUREViSION 0.5 mm × up to 80-row detector and PUREViSION Optics hardware found on our high-end systems for ultimate performance.

Wide bore. A 78 cm bore offer high levels of patient access and comfort.

Standard features. Dose reduction, metal artifact reduction, and features to enhance workflow comes standard with every system.

Advanced optional features. To support a true dual-use environment, find advanced features like dual energy, iodine mapping, and the ability to support cardiac CT applications.

Benefits of Aquilion Prime SP CT

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