A new era of digital PET technologies

SURECount digital PET detector

Combining years of product development with the latest digital PET innovations, we’ve created a well-balanced digital PET-CT that delivers exceptional image quality at high speed with accurate quantification and low dose. Each of our technologies built into SURECount have been designed to help you read images quickly and easily for maximum time and cost savings across the board.

We have achieved this by exploiting the abilities of digital PET to achieve high photon detection efficiency, increased sensitivity, timing resolution, and compact packaging to provide:

• SiPM (Silicon photonmultiplier) photosensors
• 100% SPiM coverage
• One-to-one SiPM/Crystal coupling
• 263 ps ToF (time-of-flight) resolution1
• 27 cm axial FOV (field-of-view)
• Air-cooling technology

1: Based on internal measurements available at time of publication. Data on file.

SiPM Photosensors

The use of SiPM photosensors has inspired new design choices that can impact image quality, scan times, and dose efficiencies, all of which lead to better patient care. Because there are many ways to design a PET detector with SiPM, the ability of a PET detector to maximize this impact goes beyond just including SiPM.  Canon Medical has designed the new SURECount Digital PET-CT detector to leverage the potential of SiPM photosensors while taking full advantage of design of the entire PET detector from coverage to cooling.

100% SiPM Coverage

Coverage refers to how much of the SiPM in a digital detector covers the scintillator crystal in the detector design. When there is not enough SiPM to cover the face of the crystal, a light guide is used which results in a reduction of performance. By choosing to make a digital detector with 100% coverage of SiPM to crystal, the SURECount detector is able to optimize performance characteristics like ToF.

One-to-one SiPM/Crystal coupling

A unique approach to detector design, one-to-one coupling is literally giving each individual crystal its own SiPM photosensor. When one-to-one coupling is not utilized, the crystals have to share SiPMs while they are all busy creating the light that will ultimately make a patient image.

263 ps ToF (Time-of-Flight) Resolution*

The timing resolution improvements on the Cartesion Prime can have a significant impact on image quality, scan time, and dose efficiency. However, just having SiPM does not mean this improvement can be realized to its full potential. With design choices like 100% coverage and one-to-one coupling, Canon has been able to achieve an impressive 263 ps ToF performance.

27 cm axial FOV (Field of View)

Having a very large axial FOV can be used for many performance improvements in PET imaging. With a 27 cm axial FOV, the Cartesion Prime digital PET-CT can deliver on the ability to provide faster scans that translates to a more comfortable experience for patients.

*As measured by internal testing at time of publication
1 Based on internal measurements available at time of publication. Data on file.
2 Based on competitive literature available at time of publication.

Air-cooling technology

The Cartesion Prime digital PET offers air-cooling technology. This is a first of its kind for digital PET. Air cooling is an attractive option for optimizing operational efficiencies by avoiding the costs and complexity associated with water cooling.
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