AI-based deep learning reconstruction for PET-CT


Canon Medical’s deep learning reconstruction (DLR) technology development for medical imaging, Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), is now available for PET.

AiCE on the Cartesion Prime aims to help clinicians achieve PET images with improved image quality under a wide variety of imaging conditions.

AiCE yields superior performance by better differentiating signal from noise and generating consistent high-quality images.

AiCE for PET features

To aid in fast and confident clinical results, compared to Gaussian filtering, AiCE DLR can provide superior performance in:

  • Image quality
    45% improved SNR1
  • Quantification accuracy
    82.9% improvement in contrast at the same noise level1
  • Count dependency
    75% reduction in counts while preserving SNR2
  • Preservation of quantification
    AiCE did not change overall quantification of images compared to OSEM reconstruction

1 as compared to OSEM + Gaussian Post Filtering
2 as compared to OSEM + Gaussian Post Filtering at 100% counts or without scan duration reduction
* Based on bench test results (10 mm sphere)

AiCE for PET clinical examples

Distinct, high-quality PET-CT images with AiCE technology

Digital PET-CT benefits

Chart the right clinical course with Cartesion Prime digital PET-CT. Find out the benefits of air-cooling technology, the unique SURECount digital detector, and other digital PET innovations that deliver exceptional image quality at high speed with accurate quantification and low dose.

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