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Eco conscious design

We provide services to more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. In addition, we partner with expert institutions across the globe to create innovative technologies through joint research and development.

We send our products to the market each year with the intention of contributing to a sustainable global environment. Based on our product development and design process, which complies with IEC 60601-1-9*, the international standard for environmentally conscious design of medical equipment, we are implementing various measures to reduce our energy consumption and use of resources. We are also making an effort to promote the eco-conscious design of our products, focusing on improving product efficiency, as well as providing our customers with environmental information concerning our products when requested.

* IEC 60601-1-9: International Electrical Standard or requirements for environmental conscious design to ensure compliance of medical devices with environmental regulations in different countries.
We participate in the Environment Committee of JIRA1 and DITTA2, its superior international organization. In response to the EU Eco-design Directive3, we also directly participate in a voluntary activity to promote the eco-design of products led by COCIR4. We, in cooperation with other member companies, proactively save energy and resources, and manage chemicals contained in products.
Outcomes from these efforts are carefully reported and shared with the European Union (EU). Particularly in recent years, in response to the circular economy promoted in the EU, we place an emphasis on exploring technology to identify and reduce the consumption of CRMs5. We have also adopted proactive efforts to eliminate toxic chemicals in our products.

1 JIRA: Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association
2 DITTA: International Congress of Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy Systems Trade Association
3 EU Eco-Design Directive: Directive aiming to establish a framework for ecological design requirements applied to energy-related products
4 COCIR: European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry
5 CRM: Critical Raw Materials

We are committed to proactively disclosing environmental-related information on our products using eco-specifications and other documents.

New developments

Meaningful innovation of our products and services
Amid rapidly aging populations, rising healthcare costs and the growing threat of infections and zoonotic diseases, the demand for healthcare continues to increase rapidly and there is greater interest in promoting better health and preventing disease. Canon Medical Systems supplies healthcare professionals with a diverse range of products and services of high utility value across the fields of diagnostic imaging, healthcare IT and in vitro diagnostics. It also provides extensive education and training programs.

An inspiring example is our new Ultrasound products, which are compact, high-performing, save space and are 45% lighter than conventional models.

For more information on this and our other product range and initiatives see:

Our products

In 2022, new and innovative partnerships, fruitful collaborations, cutting-edge products and inspiring initiatives were launched.

‘One project I am involved in and particularly excited about is our new multicenter trial, the global CORE Precision study, which we launched in 2022. With this clinical trial, we investigate together with our partners from USA, Brazil and Japan if our ultra-high resolution technology can provide a more patient-friendly approach to testing even in challenging patients with extensive coronary artery disease. While this new technique can make an important difference for patients, it is important to demonstrate this scientifically.’

- Joanna Schuijf, member of Global Research & Development Center and Global Marketing

With our long history and related expertise, we also draw on various collaborative partnerships with universities and medical institutions in areas ranging from R&D and manufacturing to sales and customer service.

‘Telehealth and remote working are also opportunities for us and the health sector in general. At Canon Medical Systems, we are very eager to work together with our customers and medical professionals to provide the best services with focus on environmental and social boundaries. Within our research programs, for example, we now provide a lot of support remotely. This allows us to work more efficiently as well. We can provide new updates of research applications more regularly as we no longer need to travel on-site for each installation.’   

- Joanna Schuijf, member of Global Research & Development Center and Global Marketing

Setting the highest standards

Providing the best products and services to our customers requires having the highest possible standards in our procurement phase. Our procurement policy demands that suppliers deliver high-quality products, while also minimizing impact on society and the environment. For example, we encourage them to promote environmental protection activities and positively affect the environment.

For more information, see our Supplier Code of Conduct, Green Procurement Standards, Management of Chemicals Used in Products and Production Processes and Conflict Minerals Policy in our Procurement Policy.

Supplier Code of Conduct Green Procurement Standards Conflict Mineral Policy in our Procurement Policy

‘We need to start thinking about new models and approach business with a new mindset. Do we continue to sell a scanner or do we work towards new business models such as pay-per-click (i.e. retain ownership of the goods and offer them as a service)? Also, we need better image quality with less power consumption if we are to achieve Carbon Net Zero. Finally, scrapping a six- or seven-year-old scanner is almost a crime. We need to prevent the destruction of good equipment and reduce the extraction of raw materials, which is happening now in the market. Only together we can achieve a change in design philosophy: that’s true and meaningful innovation to me.’

- Darryl Collin, UK, about CSR and meaningful innovation

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In line with the IEC63077 international standard regarding the refurbishment of used products, we restore and refurbish equipment that has been well maintained and has a consistently documented service history. Upon receipt, we dismantle used equipment and transport it to one of our 3R Centers in Japan, Europe, or the US, where we clean and sterilize it with ozone gas. We then repaint the housing, replace its mattress, confirm rating and warming plates, and remove all personal information from the equipment. After that, we perform a safety inspection, confirm the voltage, and conduct a comprehensive assessment. We then package, transport and install refurbished equipment with the same attention to detail that goes into installing our new systems.

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Canon Medical Systems Corporation received a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and Invention Achievement Award at the 2022 National Commendation for Invention hosted by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. The National Commendation for Invention was established to encourage improvements in scientific technology and the development of industry in Japan. The awards were given in recognition of the Signal Processing Method using Ultrasound Imaging Apparatus for Visualizing Low-speed Micro-vascular Flow. For more information, please check this link.
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